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The trend of Disposable Vape Device
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The trend of Disposable Vape Device
3 main market
Disposable vape device become TOP popular products among American and UK then Australia. These 3 countries import 99% of disposable vape pen kit from ShenZhen city of China and then benefit vapors with instantly use and easy to keep features.
From Google trend, we could figure out that people love to search disposable vape to get more product information also we trust them would like more about them.

United States always be the TOP market for vaping products and it would not miss disposable vape pen kit. We could find that Puffs Bar brand / BANG brand / BREEZE brand impressed vapors from NY to CA. And disposable vape device would help more people transfer from smoker to vapors with easy and simple way.

The same things happen in vapors lives in UK and Australia. TPD regulation ban all e-juice and ecig device with e-liquid capacity not more than 2.0ml and retailers should get authority permission 180 days before product on sale. From the trend, search for disposable vape change very frequently and we trust there still has huge market demand for disposable vepe pen in UK.

Disposable vape pen kit is new on market and vapors love to try new vaping products so there would be strong market demand definitely.
Australia market in it`s busy season time now. Summer time come with fruity flavors disposable vape device help them get relx and more vaping joy. Iget shion vape kit would be the widely known brand of disposable vape pen in Australia. Also HQD brand vape device would in the second place.

Why they would like to get disposable vape device
Vapors love to buy and use disposable vape pen kit and they could get many advantages by using it. The TOP reason is that disposable vape device really really easy to use and convenient to keep.

-- ALL-IN-ONE design
--Wide range of fruity flavors or mix flavors to selecting

--Easy to in hale and disposable when it use out
--Different puffs different price

--Vapors could get more selecting of disposable vape device at different brands
--Vapors could take disposable vape device on car or on plane

How to choose suitable disposable vape pen to meet the trend
The TOP 1 thing you should care about is price. Normally wholesaler or distributor could collect disposable vape pen kit at $1.99-$3.69 depends on different product specifications. And retail price would be start from $8.99-$16.99. Normally disposable vape device in bulk would be up to 10,000pcs to 50,000pcs per time.

And you should care about the flavors. Vapors could not refill e-juice into disposable vape device so they would make sure the flavors inside the disposable vape pen kit meet their preference. The most popular flavors include mint ice, grape ice, watermelon ice, tobacco, blueberry ice.  

The last one is the puffs of disposable vape device could produce. It would be embarrassment for vapors to get few puffs when in hale the disposable vape pen kit for few days.

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